when ari first came home, jack did a really good job at pretending he didn't exist. he would practically sit on top of him when he was being held. he refused to look at him and would rarely give him a sniff.  the older ari got, the more interest he took in jack. and eight months later, it is a very one sided relationship. ari likes jack. jack doesn't like ari. we certainly don't have a theo and beau situation on our hands.

ari get's really excited when jack runs into the room or when we come home and jack comes to greet us. ari finds it hysterical when we make jack chase after a squeaking toy. when ari sits in his high chair he is constantly peaking over the edge down at jack. when ari moves towards jack, jack gets up and leaves. occasionally ari will move weird or make a sound that makes jack angry and he will growl at him. ari brings out the inner tarrier in jack. 

now that we have a family, i find myself annoyed with jack. the fact that we spend all day together doesn't help. if i come home and ari is asleep in his carseat i worry about jack waking him up.  if i can tell jack is moody i'm paranoid he's going to snap at a chubby hand. barking during nap time is my worst nightmare. and picking up dog poop while holding a baby is just difficult (it will end badly one of these days). 

but the other day i sat down on the bed and started crying after a bad day and jack came over and put his head on my knee. and i was reminded that when i wasn't a mom but wanted to be, jack helped me fill that hole. 



ari has crazy hair that sticks straight up kind of like a mad scientist. i love it. it can't be tamed. he has a ton of hair in the back and on the sides but not very much on top. just like an old man. which i also love. the light captures the craziness of his hair perfectly here.


some days being a mom is harder than others. when your dog has to have blood work done or get shots, they take him in the back and you never have to see a thing. when it's your baby's turn, you get a front row seat. you and two phlebotomists have to pin him down while his teary eyes look back at you.



the bumbo situation was getting a little dicey so we finally got a high chair. ari likes being up high and looking down at jack. i feel like i can confidently turn my back for longer than 10 seconds. but jack, jack is the happiest about this new chair. and i don't mind because having jack around makes the clean up process a lot easier. 



2014 was SUCH a long year. it's been a blur of craziness, love, learning and a whole lot of changes. but 2014 gave me the love of my life and the one job i've always wanted. 

(the card i never made)

i'm stretched thinner than ever before. my heart feels like i've going to burst all the time. and i need to improve on so many levels. here are a few things i'd like to do in 2015 

\ take more photos of ari with my camera 
\ pray more
\ work on my mom anxiety 
\ read some parenting books
\ increase my spirituality 
\ use my phone less
\ don't compare my life to others 
\ spend more time outside 
\ get strong and buff




when we were down in palm springs we decided we should probably go to disneyland since we were already down in southern california. it was actually a lot more doable with an infant than we thought. disney has amazing baby centers so nursing and diaper changes were really easy. riding solo isn't nearly as fun, but the single rider line is so nice. it's best to document your child's first time at disney when they are happy. not when they are falling apart on your way out. 


i'm currently out of school for a whopping four days so maybe i should play catchup before i go silent for another semester. or i could just be better at blogging.

david turned 30 this year so i wanted to do something fun. his birthday is three days before christmas so i planned a trip to palm springs with his best friends the first weekend in decemeber. i learned that plans never turn out the way you want them and that i should never try to surprise david. ever. also, joshua tree national park is really cool.