if i had limited closet space and could fill a wall full of shoes i'd buy a pair of each of these. these have been my go to sneakers for years. david finally made me throw out my ripped holey ones and buy a new pair. i like my vans worn. the more worn, the better.  

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these days you'll find me in sneakers whenever i can get away with it. with a baby and more walking in my future, i've got to build up my sneaker collection. and i'm okay with that. 

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my mom came to town over presidents weekend. we didn't do much. just ate and shopped. isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're mom is in town? the next time she's in town jack will have to find himself a new lap. jack would live his life on the laps of other people if he could. if my mom was sitting down, jack was basically on top of her. 



even though jimmy lives a few hours away we don't get to see him enough.  we lucked out and got to enjoy good weather and jimmy. 



ever since i found out i was pregnant i really haven't been into blogging. it's not the blogs fault. i haven't been into much of anything. i feel like i'm trapped in this weird limbo stage of life. and i don't do well with limbo. i'm just waiting for this life changing event to happen. and the time is passing by at a snails pace. i feel like there is so much i should be doing. but i'm not. so i'm just stuck here waiting. in limbo.




after christmas we all flew to florida to spend some time in orlando. this trip had been planned for a while and i had been looking forward to hitting up all the parks and riding roller coaster after roller coaster. i may have cried when i came to the realization that orlando was going to be a complete bust for me. orlando is probably the worst place to go as a pregnant person. even though i couldn't experience it with him, i was excited that david got to experience disney for the first time. 



we're having a baby (how's that for an epic blog reveal?) and we finally told my family on christmas! when there's a tiny human growing inside you it is really hard to not tell your family. we had already told david's family and most of our friends so my family was the last to know. dave and i really wanted to tell my family in person (hence being the last to know) so we thought christmas would be perfect . we had an ornament made for everyone that read "uncle peter" or "grandma gayle" etc. and had them unwrap their gift at the same time. nobody got it at first and my mom asked, "why does it say grandma gayle?" she must have answered her own question because then it clicked and she screamed when she realized what it meant. 

it was my favorite part of christmas and something i had been looking forward to since october. everyone is really excited for the first larson grandchild!

baby kershaw is due 
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2013 was quite the year. it kind of kicked my trashed. it rivals as one of my hardest years yet. the first half of the year was full of tears, disappointment, and set backs. but despite all this, 2013 was a good year. i grew a lot. i got stretched in ways i didn't think i could. i learned about what i need and the kind of person i want to be. i think it was exactly the kind of year i needed.

the great ending of 2013 more than made up for the year's crappy start. and i couldn't be more excited for all the changes that are coming our way in 2014!



we went to texas and i have about no pictures to prove it (the weather was terrible, or we were in the car or i was lazy). after the wedding, we left jack behind in utah and flew to texas. we spent the majority of time in austin, with a little stint in houston. my favorite part was seeing where david lived in houston for two years.