is finding joy in a costco box for 45 minutes...

it has also started to mean some pretty intense emotions. ones that involve rolling around on the floor while kicking and sobbing.



before the holidays ari started getting really upset and cried every time he took a bath. it was really bad when we were traveling and he was in an unfamiliar tub. luckily, bath time is bringing back the smiles. fingers crossed it stays this way. 

a sad bath time in utah. 



things have been really busy over here and i kind of forgot about this thing. oh and we're having a baby in like a month so there's that. maybe i'll play catch up. maybe.



jack and ari both love the beach. and ari loves jack. but they had never gone to the beach together. taking jack to the beach is kind of a mess but it needed to happen. and i'm glad it did. ari was so pleased to have his best buddy with him and kept squealing with excitement. those two would be more than happy if we moved closer to the beach. 



we were lucky enough to have a visit from david's mom this weekend. while david was still out of town on thursday we hit up the zoo for the first time. ari was a little apprehensive at first and for some reason the chill zebras made him really nervous. the penguin feeding was a hit as was walking around and pointing at all the signs. we finished the trip at the huge zoo playground. 





ari has started to get really upset whenever i am at the kitchen counter. obviously i am doing something really exciting and he needs to see said exciting activity NOW. he will stand there and whine and swat at my legs (or pull my pants right off if i'm wearing sweats) until he sees what i am doing. so now when i'm putting together a meal (usually his) i have to pull up a chair and give him a bunch of spoons to play with. this actually works great until i need to use the stove. he's also had his first taste of baking. i have learned that he prefers the batter or dough to the real thing. i like his style. 



ari really likes to sit on things. boxes, mixing bowls, jack - you name it, he will try and sit on it. but his favorite place to sit, is on the fireplace hearth. he plops himself down on that three inch ledge multiple times a day. whether to read, dig through the toy bins or try to unplug the router.



at the end of the summer, my family moved to hong kong. and by my family, i mean the only members still living at home - my dad, mom and youngest brother, peter.

this spring, there was talk of my dad's job taking him to hong kong. i assumed it was all talk. but then everything started to take shape and it was actually happening. i was immediately disappointed and caught off guard by how upset i was. i was totally fine when i didn't think it would take shape. i didn't want them to move, but i would never tell them that. i could tell that my dad was really excited and i didn't want to sway his decision. 

i liked having my family in utah. it was a quick flight and only an hour time difference. i could call whenever i wanted to. if something happened, my mom could be here in a few hours. now we are separated by a 15 hour time difference and a 14 hour flight. 

i feel quite disconnected from my hong kong family. i knew what my mom was doing everyday in utah. and now i haven't talked to my family in a week and i have no idea how they are doing. i have no idea if my mom has overcome her fear of driving there or if peter has made any friends at his new school. it's a strange new feeling.

photos of hong kong by peter larson. 



since moving back to san francisco, we have been going to the beach quite a bit. a few weeks ago we went to the beach on a really windy day. the tide was perfect for a little explorer like ari. and the water was oddly warm, which never happens.