my mom gave ari not one, but two babies and about six books on babies to help him prepare for the arrival of his new sibling. ari was too young to understand that there was a baby inside my belly and didn't seem to be phased by the fact that i was getting larger. i was pretty confident their first encounter was going to be just fine. it took forever for us to get moved into a postpartum room so ari didn't meet ezra till later that night. 

he was quiet and cautious as he walked into the room. i decided it would be best to have ezra in the basinet when he walked in. we spent the first few minutes pointing and watching the baby from my bed. i asked him if he wanted to hold the baby and he said yes. in fact, my hands were not to be involved in the holding process. ari wanted to hold him all by himself and kept moving my hands back to my lap. there were a few minutes of excitement and then he wanted to move on to investigating the room.

he doesn't like hospitals or doctors so after a while he let us know he was ready to leave by climbing into the stroller (and it's usually a mild wrestling match to get him in there).

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