Oh, Oh, Mexico!

We made it back from Cancun and we're Swine Flu free...so far. We had an amazing time, despite the sun burns and long layovers. We had a really nice hotel room, the ocean was warm, the tours were a blast, and the people were the best! We spent most our time by the pool and the ocean. We also took two tours. One was a Jungle Tour on little boats that ended with snorkeling. The other was to Xel Ha. Xel Ha was a really cool park that was all inclusive. We were able to snorkel and explore all around the park all day. Definitely recommended! Below are a few pictures of our travels. Enjoy!

This is what Swine Flu really did to Mexico. Thank you Swine Flu! It meant an uncrowded stay in Mexico!

We took a boat ride to a snorkeling spot. The catch was that each couple had their own "speed boat". We received about two minutes of instruction, for driving and snorkeling, and we were off. Natalie freaked out a little when David almost flipped the boat while doing a sharp turn.

This is outside the Crab House, which was one of the few restaurants open. The only problem with having no one around is that it limited our eating choices. But there were always tables opens and we received amazing service!

Half of our expenses went to Pina Coladas

Mexican buffet food and snorkeling...interesting combo

Natalie was intensely into the Mexican buffet ice cream...she had two of them

We rode a bike trail up to the start of this intense river. We got in tubes and floated the river through the jungle vines down to where it meets the ocean.

David's new love... snorkeling... and I mean love!

We were a little skeptical about Xel Ha being a "natural marvel" but it was awesome!


More Fishes!

Mo's Flight

This was the view from our hotel room balcony. David told concierge at check-in that we just got married, so she upgraded us to this sweet room for free. When they mischarged us as check-out, we tried to remember that...but we were still fuming!

Natalie in Cancun Centro

On the bus, our favorite form of transportation. We could go anywhere we wanted for 15 pesos, which is a little more than a dollar.

At dinner where we fed the fish below our bread and leftovers. They looked hungry.

This is Natalie's back before leaving. We both got burned on our shoulders the first day, then it all peeled off, then we got burned on the new skin right before we left! Not the smartest bunch...


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Glad you guys got back just fine!!

  2. looks like you guys had an amazing time! how nice to have the resort basically to yourselves! glad you didn't get the Swine Flu!!! hope to see you again soon!

  3. You both have cancer now! Congradulations!