Adios Taylor!

Taylor reported to the MTC on wednesday to start his mission. He will be there for two months learning spanish and then he's off to the Buenos Aires Argentina North mission.

We had a nice family breakfast with some of his friends at gurus in provo. David was able to get a few hours off at work and met us there.

The proud parents of their first missionary.

Taylor was very excited and I kept asking him if he was nervous but he always said no which in turn made me even more nervous.

Elder Larson

This was a last minute family picture taken at the curb by a very nice elder.

For those of you who don't know, the MTC is dealing with some swine flu outbreak issues and as a result the new drop off system was put into effect early, trying to prevent the spread of the flu. The MTC planned on changing their drop off program at the end of the summer but implemented a new rule only allowing missionaries and staff to enter the MTC. We were allowed to take pictures by the sign and say our goodbyes in a parking lot above the MTC but had to follow the drop off only rule. We are excited for Taylor and hope he doesn't get hit with the swine!

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