Apartment Hunting

Natalie and I have been excited for months to finally go out to Palo Alto and find a place to live. When we finally went, the experience was much more stressful and much less enjoyable than we thought it would be. But we did find ourselves a nice, small (with a heavy emphasis on small) apartment in Palo Alto. We'll be move out at the beginning of August and are both nervous and excited to finally start our new life together.

The outside of our apartment, all 529 square feet of it. Size aside, it does have hardwood floors, a fenced-off porch, and a washer/dryer.

Looking out into Half Moon Bay

Pier 39 at Fisherman's Warf, by the awesome sea lions

Beautiful San Francisco

This guy was super funny and as you can see quite talented. He had strings attached to his legs and arms and then back up to his backpack drum set.

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  1. What an exciting adventure!! We are going to be in San Francisco for my birtday Oct 1-5! You will be there by then, right? We will be staying in the city but we really want to see you. I don't know how far away that is?