Sunny Saturday

This last week was only the second week of bad weather since we moved out here, but we are already taking for granted, like every Californian, the great weather we do enjoy every other week. After a week of rain, the sun decided to come out and we tried to take advantage of it. Our (my) original plan was to take the scooter all the way to Santa Cruz, about a 45 mile drive. The 55 degree weather and wet roads were too much for us so we turned back after our first stop, at my favorite look-out in Palo Alto.
On a clear day, you can see San Francisco and San Jose from here.

No, she does not drive, although I've offered teaching her many times.


Instead of going to Santa Cruz, we decided to walk to a deli by our house. This is Natalie eating my sandwich, which we agreed was the better of the two. Next time, she'll get the grilled PB and banana sandwich.

Coke addiction.

Natalie promised me that the next time the weather is above 65 and the roads are dry, we are driving the Vespa to Santa Cruz. It should be a great adventure and hopefully the first of many more to come (one of our New Year's resolutions is to have more adventures).

On another note, Natalie bugs me because I don't blog anymore. I try to tell her that married guys don't blog. But then I realized that I don't want to be like other married guys. So here's my post.

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