I discovered what a holga camera was a little over a year ago... and ever since then I've wanted one. So on my birthday when I unwrapped a plastic camera from David, nobody got why I was so excited. I realize that its about one step up from a disposal camera and that when I put the flash on, it tips over because its too heavy but I love it. Here is a roll that we just got back that's from December. Because nobody develops film let alone 120mm film anymore it has be sent out. And it takes forever. We were really excited to finally get the film back. We learned that having film sent out to be developed is expensive. In fact, just having one roll developed cost MORE than the camera itself. Oh and one roll of film only gives us 12 pictures. We will have to find a cheaper way to do this. Toy cameras create really fun pictures with all sorts of light leakage. You can take two pictures right on top of each other. So here are a few of them.

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