A week of change

I quit my job and my major. Things in my life needed to change so I actually did something about it. I didn't wait it out (like I usually do) and hope that things got better or magically worked themselves out. 

Lately things at work hadn't been the best. I wasn't feeling good about certain things and it was kind of giving my anxiety... a lot of anxiety. 
Sure, I think  some of the anxiety stems from the sole fact that I work retail, but retail is going to be life until I graduate. I have come to accept that. Retailers are really good at working around a students schedule and unfortunately thats what I am. 
 So, I didn't go far. Same mall... different store. I got a job at J. Crew. They offered me more money and (hopefully) a better situation.
 So I quit Banana. I learned that quitting is awkward. Or at least it was for me. The manager I told was not trying to make it very easy or any less awkward. I guess there is a first for everything. 

And now to the school part. I've wanted to be a nurse for quite some time now. I still think the idea of being a nurse is something amazing.
But being a nurse means being academically competitive. 
I am so not competitive. What's the opposite of competitive? Whatever it is, thats me.  And as for the academic part... I'm not much of that either. I strongly dislike school. So picking a major that heavily ways on school and lots and lots of studying was not smart on my part. 
I will always love nurses and what they do. I will just have to secretly live vicariously through my sister in law (I hope thats okay Courtney). 

I need to be done with school. I just need to graduate. For something I hate so much, I have seriously been taking my sweet time getting out of it. 
Don't ask me what I want to major in though. I think I know but I'm not confident in myself at this point. When I am sure of my decision and sure of myself I will let you know. 


  1. Wow lots of changes this week! Being happy is the most important thing! Go with what is going to be best for you and you can definitely live vicariously through me. My nursing career isn't that exciting though.

  2. I hope that J. Crew is a happier place for you! Best of luck in making the "major" decision!