happy weekend

Today was a great day. It was one of those days where I find myself overwhelmed with happiness and really just enjoying everything that California has to offer.

We explored a lot of new areas on the East side of the bay.  We drove by green hills covered with trees that looked like giant broccoli's. And those homes on the hills... so pretty. 

San Francisco was beautiful today. I haven't seen that many sail boats out on the water.

I realized that our camera didn't have the memory card in it when I went to take the first picture... this is the best I could do with my little phone. 

So the car does this weird thing now where the AC doesn't work... it's great. It was really warm today so we had to we had to keep the windows down, even on the highway. 

We went and saw puppies. Miniature schnauzers to be exact. I want one so bad.

This was a puppy dream land. There were 9 puppies that were about 8 weeks old. Have you ever just had puppies crawl all over you? It's amazing. AMAZING. 

We fell in love with this one. She was adorable. She had the cutest little personality and I'm pretty sure she loved us just as much. Out of the nine puppies she was the one that wanted to be around us the most. She REALLY loved David though. She would be a great cuddle buddy. And puppy. And friend. And member of our family... Oh but wait I'm still allergic to dogs. But today I didn't care. I still wanted her. I would have been willing to suffer to have her. I'm calling the allergist first thing on monday and finding a way around this. 

(I'm still sneezing by the way).

We went to the ferry building and I wanted a burger so bad. Well actually, I wanted a five guys burger but the one I had at Gott's was really good and the fries were amazing. I haven't had a good burger in a while. And David had his favorite thing at the ferry building of course. Lemon grass pork. 

It hit the spot. 

Hope you had a great weekend too! 

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