Jacks First Haircut

Jack has been in desperate need of a haircut since we got him almost two weeks ago.  The only problem is that the groomer refused to cut anything but his beard and nails for the first three times we take him.  How hard could it be to groom a 5 lb. puppy?

 Jack before his haircut.  Looking quite feral.  Also, his tail is about 1.5x as long as it's supposed to be.  I think he must be self-conscious of it because he's always trying to bite it off.

The grooming was far more difficult than anticipated.  He did not like the clippers at all and even the two of us were no match for his wiggly body.  We took about three breaks before we gave up. We were able to cut the top of his body, but the hair on his head was a poof ball!

Bath time.  He also got some drinks from the faucet while we bathed him.

The whole traumatizing experience wore him out.

After he dried off, he was so exhausted that he didn't mind me trimming him up with some scissors.  Luckily I was able to spend a good 45 minutes fixing his botched buzz job.

Btw, this is his new favorite sleeping position.   
He enjoys sleeping on his back more than any dog I know.

All cleaned up!

As a side note, whenever I take pictures of him, I have to amp up the contrast on the photo or else he just looks like a black blob.  Black eyes, black nose, black hair, and BROWN mouth.  That's Jack!

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