the big graduate

So today this boy is graduating from high school (yes in Connecticut they practically keep us in school till July) 

I used to wear his class of 2010 sweatshirt and those numbers just seemed so far away. 
But today he is part of that graduating class or 2010. 
Nick's going to go off to BYU and be an adult.

When did my family start getting so old???????


  1. Nick FTW! Gosh...and to think he wasn't even in high school when we graduated....

  2. That is so strange... how did he get so old?! And you look awesome in this photo! haha. So I think of you all the time because lately I have been around girls that smell like our Spain perfume. And then I think of our pink haired mom and little Borja. Miss you! And I love your blog and cute little Jack! I'm jealous.