Jackers is sick

This is where it all started...

I came home from work on Wednesday and was cold (and mostly tired) so I got into bed to take a quick nap before Dave came home. Minutes later I realized that there was something really gross under my pillow. I lifted it up and lucky for me, I found some chunky vomit (thanks Jack).

We went outside to meet David (as we do everyday) and I explained what I told him about the gift Jack had left me under my pillow. David then asks, "are you sure it wasn't you?" 
Umm... I think I would know if I threw up in the middle of the night, and would definitely remembering lifting up my pillow throwing up under it!

Still confused that I did not hear or smell a dog puking by my head, David notices another spot down by the foot of the bed. 

I investigate the vomit and can not for the life of me figure out what the chunks are. They looked like cashews so I had no idea what was going on. 

The next day I came home from work to find a disaster in the kitchen. There were dark puddles of bodily fluids on the floor (I will spare you the picture) and he hadn't touched his food again. 

I decided I would take him to the vet... after a long night all  I was told was that he's a puppy, and these things happen. If it gets worse come back. Oh and it cost $95 for him to tell me that. He sent me home with an antibiotic and told me to give him imodium as well.
He's on a diet of low fat cottage cheese and boiled skinless chicken. 
He loves the cottage cheese.  
He gets it all in his beard.

We're making progress. We came home from work and he hadn't gotten sick. He's eating and his "business" is getting more solid. 

It has been hard to see him sick because all I wanted was for him to be able to tell me what was wrong. I would ask him to tell me but for some reason that never happened.

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