When did this happen?

Did I think I would have a dog when it came time to start a family?
I didn't grow up with a dog, I didn't particularly like dogs and I'm allergic to dogs. 
The odds of me getting a dog were slim, so very slim. 
But, we bought a dog. 
And I am absolutely in love with him. 
When I'm on the bus coming home from work, I am antsy if its running late because I need to see my dog.
I don't mind that he sleeps on my side of the bed and makes the distribution of covers so uneven that I get cold. 
And its alright if he manages get black hairs all over every surface of our home. 
I will admit that I have doubted our dog purchase a couple of times when I stepped in pee or found one of my shoes in his mouth. 
But Jack makes my life so much better. 
He makes my day, every day.

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