life at the Kersh house has been busy...

It feels like we've been going nonstop since september. Seriously. 
Where did October go?
Between David doing lots of traveling with work...
and then more unexpected traveling for work, it feels like he is never here.
And when he is in town, he returns home in the AM hours.

I just finished another temp job at a firm called Jawbone.
They just launched a new product (a bluetooth speaker) and needed some extra help. 
Today I worked a non-stop 12 hour day and I was pooped.
I'd be lucky if Dave worked a 12 hour day.
(not sure how he does it) 

On Wednesday night Dave and I ate dinner together for the first time in what feels like a month.
It was so nice. 

Jacks been poopy. Literally.
I went through an entire roll and half of paper towel from cleaning poop out of the carpet alone. 
In ONE weekend. 
Thank you Natures Miracle. You really do work miracles. 
When Jack gets sick he thinks its okay to poop wherever. 
Thankfully, we are solid and I am no longer haunted by the smell of dog poo. 

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  1. Miss you guys!! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas! I bet you are sooo ready to have your husband back! Hopefully his crazy schedule will get back to "normal" here soon!