Thanks Courtney!

When Courtney was here, back in september, she told us about sears and their refurbished vacuums. 
You can go to their service center and get a vacuum for half the cost WITH a warranty.
I finally had the time to drive to San Jose and pick one up. 
We've needed a real vacuum for a while. 
Our wimpy one was not cutting it. 
Our orange baby is fabulous. 
It works so well.
Our carpet feels so clean and soft (...like carpet should feel).
If Jack didn't have such issues with vacuums, I would have vacuumed our place over, and over. 

Thanks for introducing us to the world of the Sears Service Center, Courtney! 

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  1. Glad I could suggest something to you guys!! Most of the time people don't listen to my suggestions. So thank you, glad I could help!