Jacks decided that it's okay to act like he's 2 months old again

I came home to this...
(my favorite pair of sneakers)

He dragged a sneaker, an ugg boot, and a rainbow flip flop OUT of the closet and into the family room. 
The closet must be too dark for optimal chewage. 
He only damaged my sneaker. The flip flop was wet. 
It was probably next on his list. The ugg remained untouched (luckily).

Then I made my way over to the bedroom, where Jack got ahold of used tissues from my nightstand after a very sleepless night. 
He decided they needed to be shredded as he sat on my pillow (that he pushed off the bed).

I think we might have to restrict him to just the kitchen again when we are gone. 
We are going to have to buy a new gate that he cannot jump over.  
Or just maybe 2 on top of each other?

Jack, you were doing so well, why are you going back to your old ways????

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