so glad its finally friday

it hasn't been a good week. i've been really out of it and oddly tired. 
it's finally friday, and i'm hoping the weekend will "fix" me.

this week i...

- parked on the wrong side of the street and got my first street cleaning ticket (did i just forget what day it was???)
- ran into a sign (with my body not the car).
- ran a red light (it's a good thing it was early in the morning. nothing and nobody got hurt).
- didn't really see my husband (i'm in bed when he comes home from work, and he's in bed when i leave for work) 
- have eyes that burn and don't want to stay open.
- didn't get to talk to my mom even though i called her every day. she was busy supervising doing someone's school project all week.
- had a puppy that insisted on chewing a rug. 

weekend, please, fix me. thanks. 

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