will he ever stop chewing????

jack decided that one of our laptop cords was getting lonely yesterday and gave it a chew. and by chew i mean he destroyed it into tiny little pieces. he must have gotten a shock. it doesn't feel good to put a plugged in charger in your mouth (i know this from personal experience). he had pieces of the cord all stuck in his beard from the frayed wiring. he felt bad, as he usually does when he knows he did something wrong. in fact, he went and sat all the way in the closet when i was picking up the pieces. he gets all sheepish and his tail goes between his legs and his ears lose their perk. he does this weird army crawl thing, trying to stay close to the ground as he inches his way towards you. its like he's testing out the waters to see if you're still mad at him. 
we put the gate up whenever he does something bad. he'll be on one side and we'll be on the other. he just sits their quietly until he thinks he's been punished long enough, at which point he begins to cry. 

when you see him all ashamed and sad you think he's learned his lesson. be he never does and i don't know why. he could be chewing something right now for all i know. he clearly feels bad every time he does something naughty. it just doesn't stick. 

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