jack pooped on me (picture included)

before i begin the story there is something you should know. jack likes to to sit on us. like he's a child. he will literally sit on your lap or your leg or whatever part of you he wants to sit on. (he once sat on my face like it was no big deal). it looks really funny as i'm sure you can imagine.

SO yesterday, jack and i were sitting on the couch as we usually do at the end of the day. I was on the computer and jack was thoroughly licking his stuffed bunny. jack decided to take a break from giving his bunny a bath, and sit on my arm. he was just chillin, contemplating life. i could still type so i didn't care. but then, my fantasy jcrew shopping (you know, when you fill your cart full of all the things you want but don't buy any of it...just me???) was interrupted by the smell of dog poop. i first thought of our terrible couch becoming even more terrible. i quickly moved the blanket off of me and stood up. the couch was fine but my sleeve was not. i had been pooped on. my poor gassy pup just needed some relief. he just had no idea he was pooping on his mommy. i was lucky enough to be wearing a white shirt during this whole poopy process too. awesome.

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