jacks first death defying act

this little guy decided it was a good idea to run across the street on friday night. 
on friday night, jack and i went outside to wait for david to come home.
we ran into a couple of bulldogs, so we started to play.
i took him off his leash (as i have done many times before) so they could play freely and not get tangled up in leashes. 
this was all working out fine and dandy until he heard davids scooter (he knows exactly what his sounds like).
i heard it too and went to grab him by the colar. 
he ran. and i missed.
of course, david went and parked on the opposite side of the street. just my luck.
so, fearless little jack, went sprinting across the street, so excited to see his daddy.
somehow, our little black dog made it across the street in the dark, without being hit by a car. 
but don't worry, i still cried. 
the thought of jack being hit by a car was so upsetting. he was fine, but i was not.
i am never taking jack off his leash. ever.

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  1. Oh, that's awful! I grew up with 4 dogs and it still makes my heart stop to think about the few times they ran out into the road. Glad Jack made it through safely. He sounds like the world's coolest dog.