the lake

jack got to go the lake when we were in connecticut! he loved the wind on the boat and got very upset when we had to stop to blow up the tube. he would get so upset when people got off the boat. and when it was davids turn to tube he freaked out and starting crying and leaned over the boat as far as he could without falling in. when i got into swim we finally just gave him a gentle push into the water to stop his whining. he swam straight towards me and decided to keep swimming on top of me. it's hard to stay afloat when you have a flailing 20 pound dog on top of you. after i got out of the water it looked like i had been mauled by a cat. i think jack would be happy to go to the lake any day.

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  1. that looks like Candlewood! I remember some good times there! Looks like you guys had fun. Love Jack's life-vest