jack's sick

jack had a little episode of illness on wednesday night. he seemed fine until thursday night. we were both sound asleep and then around 11:00 i woke to the sound of a barfing dog (must be my motherly instincts. ha.). lovely way to be woken up, by the way. the poor pup didn't even move (his head was still resting on his bunny. bunny has unharmed). i cleaned off the bed (the duvet cover was the victim) and checked his bunners. back to sleep we went. At around 3:45 the gagging dog under my blanket woke me up. as i whipped the duvet cover off i thought, ew not IN  the bed.  luckily, it was just gagging (not sure how lucky that is for pups). david proceeded to sit up, tell me he was really tired, and then lay back down. jack must have been upset because he moved up and slept on my pillow after that. i'm hoping were done with the barfing but we'll see what the weekend holds.

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