things have been busy around here

things have been quite busy around here. 
while i've been finishing up the semester, david has been working a lot. 
he's been so busy that he has to get up at 6:00 am with me (which i am liking).
he's not liking it because he is certainly not going to bed when i am. 

i've already killed our tree. surprise surprise. i'm not good at keeping things alive. 
yesterday i realized the tree had no water. oops?

i love getting the mail these days. christmas cards make me so happy. 

i've been doing lots of shopping and wrapping. 
jack likes to come and sit by me while i'm wrapping.
 sometimes a little too close (it's hard to wrap when there is a dog in your lap).
i also catch him sucking up the string like it's a noodle. 

  such a weirdo.

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  1. your wrapping is amazing! The wrapping paper to me is always more fun than the gift! Hope you guys have a merry christmas!