christmas week

we spent christmas in connecticut this year and of course jack came with us.
highlights included...
jack's christmas sweater. i wish it was okay for dogs to wear sweaters all year long.
david got new golf clubs (there was no snow on the ground so he got to try them out)
we got to skype with nick! it was really hard to be home without him.
the furnace started to smoke so the nc fire department came over for a visit.
peter could fit all of life's important possessions in a laundry basket. 
i really miss delis. really.
jack never wanted to sit still. he was always running around. (he's still recovering)
 he ate a mini snickers bar too.
saw war horse. really cool play. i cried.
jack left taylor presents in the corner of his room. dogs seem to really like pooping up there.
david tried on alyssa's coat and secretly liked it.

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