i am not AnaLee

it's friday. finally. this has been the  longest week. today is a beautiful foggy day. i didn't think fog was pretty until i worked on the 34th floor of a building. in conneciticut, the house next door to us has a pond and it makes creepy horror movie fog. but when you're higher than the fog its amazing. and when the sun rises it turns it pink. it's beautiful. 

david is headed to sundance today. my mom told me to stop saying when david leaves on my blog. she thinks i could have a stalker. to which i reminded her that i live in a building full of hundreds of people with two locked doors between me and any stalker. 

this weekend i am looking forward to finally using my burke williams gift card. 
and sleeping. and making this. and maybe these.
when i told david that i wanted to make this new brownie recipe i found he told me i should have married someone who liked chocolate. um, thanks?

jack has two new best friends. his dog walkers. (they kind of have to be best friends. he doesn't have much of a choice). with school starting on monday (ugh) he will need someone to come love him while i'm gone. i will be gone for 12 hours on mondays now and i just couldn't do that to him. so he will be going to play group twice a week. he is going to be in heaven.


  1. I wish I could come stalk you... But I guess hopefully we wouldn't consider it stalking....

    1. please come stalk me! i haven't seen you in foreverrrr