so life lately consists of being sick and and sleeping a lot. (only for me)
it's been a great start to the year. 
i'm reliving 2007 all over again. unable to eat and barfing (you wanted to know that right?)
i'm also really talented at breaking out in total body rashes and getting hives on my hands. 
david has to hold my hands to keep it from spreading to the rest of my body when were not at home.
hives. barfing. rashes. my life. 
the barfing seems to be on the down hill. the rashes not so much. 
jack's been jack. very understanding of my current situation. 
he's okay about taking naps everyday. he's been all about sleeping on a particular pillow of ours. 
he's back into playing with dryer sheets and hiding under things. we made a fort which actually scared him.
david's been working. and thats about it. 
he's off to sundance this weekend so it will just be me and the dog.  
should be a party. 
and that's us lately. 

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