a hot mess

over the weekend david left his hot tamales on the coffee table. we went out and came back an hour later to a hot tamale mess. jack had dumped the contents of the box all over the room. he also decided to shred part of the box into some confetti just to celebrate the occasion.

now jack doesn't really know what to do with hot tamales. he doesn't eat them. he kind of just nibbles on them and licks them like crazy. and it looked like he licked every single one because they had melted into the carpet. so after picking up a bunch of sticky hot tamales, we had to scrub the red hot tamale juices out of the carpet.

jack has a routine when it comes to being caught. when you open the door and he's not his usual excited self, you know he did something bad. the second your eyes meet the disaster he created when you were gone, he shrinks into the ground. his tail goes between his legs (or does what the nub of a tail does when it tries to go between his legs) and his ears get glued to his head. then as you approach the disaster, in this case the hot tamales, he goes and hides. sometimes in the closet, sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes under the bar stools. which really isn't hiding at all. then after the mess has been cleaned up, he slowly approaches you. still staying low to the ground (almost like an army crawl). he stops every so often to look at you, testing the waters to see if you're still mad. when he finally reaches you, he rolls over, like he's surrendering or something.

this whole process is hilarious so it's really hard to stay mad at him. i usually pick him up and put him in the bathroom, like a "time out" while i clean the mess up so he knows i mean business. it's mostly so i don't cave and laugh at him.

 the mess
 hiding in the kitchen
the surrender

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