the house with the red door

on friday i am going home for the last time. my parents have sold the house i grew up in and are leaving connecticut this summer. i wish i could attach balloons to it and take it with us. i know it's not the house that i'm afraid of losing but all the memories i have. i moved into this house when i was 11. i did all my important growing up there. i didn't learn to walk there but i learned who i was there. our family grew from 5 to 7 there.  nick fell out of the big pine tree in the front yard. taylor backed through the garage door. peter always found himself needing stitches. jake always did things that gave peter stitches. i'm going to miss playing basketball in the driveway and swimming in the backyard. i'm going to miss the way it looks in christmas lights and how the power always goes out.

the house with the red door will always be the larson's house.


  1. this post almost made me start crying....I even have a gazillion memories there....Exciting that they're moving to Utah, but man, what a great house that I have always loved visiting

  2. This post DID make me cry ... So glad you have so many fun memories to keep forever. I'm grateful for the fun memories we have of visiting your family in CT and looking forward to having one of my favorite brothers closer to the West Coast :) After looking at all your fun pics, I don't know who had more fun in CT ... you or Jack ... I'm going with Jack :)