i moved to connecticut when was 11. we moved from new jersey so it wasn't a long move, but it was a huge move. it was really hard. people aren't very nice in the 6th grade which meant sitting alone a lot. i hated connecitcut the first year i lived there.

14 years later, my feelings are very different. conneciticut is my home state. i say that the way i would say that new canaan is my home town. i love connecticut. i love that when i tell people i'm from connecticut, half the time they don't know where that is. i love it's trees. i love its falls. i  love that the sate shuts down when it snows. and it snows a lot. i love that gets unbearably hot in the summer there. i love it's windy roads and terrible potholes. i even love the merritt parkway. i don't think you could find a prettier freeway.

so on friday, when i read the words shooting and connecticut in the same sentence, i immediately started to cry. my heart aches. deeply aches, for the all the people in  newtown, connecitcut.

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