i said i would follow up on turning 25 so here it goes, a month later.

25, was a weird birthday for me. maybe because 25 sounds so serious? or official? 

i've never really given the idea of getting older much thought, until this year. when i turned 25, i thought about all the things i hadn't done. i thought about all the things i thought i would have accomplished by now. some of which are glaringly painful and some that are not. 

when i have these moments full of "have nots," i'm glad i have someone to remind me of the "have dones." he somehow makes my "have not" list seem so much smaller than the "have done" list. he points out all of the things that i've accomplished. he reminds me it doesn't matter if i don't finish things on a  normal schedule. 

it's funny (not really) how easily i focus on my "have not" list. how easily i forget about my "have done" list. but when it comes down to it, the person whose opinion matters most to me, does a really good job at seeing my "have done" list. 

and i love him for that. 

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