lately it seems like my body is fighting against me. doesn't it know that we're on the same team here? my body is really good at breaking out in rashes. like amazing at it. i think it wanted to go pro and take it to the next level. that level being pityriasis rosea (warning: the google images for that are not so fun. but if  you're feeling adventurous and not eating, go for it). apparently it will just go away when it wants to and there's nothing i can do but cross my fingers and hope that it doesn't move any further up my chest. 

and yes you are remembering correctly, i have talking about rashes on the blog before. and yes i still have this. and it sucks and hurts like hell and can make me really grumpy.  

i'm going to be making a few changes soon (more on that later) and hopefully my body and i can get along better. or at least make a compromise or something??

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