i have struggled with my health for about 6 years now. i would say i've been a fairly unhealthy person since i was 19. some of my struggles are obvious and others are not. but the handful of drugs i take everyday have more or less not made a huge difference. so it's time to make changes.

i feel like i need to do this now more than ever for a few reasons. first, it's time to start thinking about babies. wait, let me rephrase that. i think about babies like everyday. it's time to start thinking about being ready to have babies. i won't be able to take the majority of my drugs while attempting to make a baby, being pregnant and then breastfeeding. so i need to take the next year or so to get myself physically ready for motherhood. secondly, i'm tired of looking like i have the chicken pox or that somebody attacked me with a rubber band.

so, i'm going gluten free.

i love food. like really love good food. i would consider eating good food a hobby of mine. i have never been surrounded by so many food options in my life. we have people that come to visit us just to eat the amazing food of san francisco.

this whole arrangement is giving me a little anxiety. it's not going to be easy. i'm afraid of feeling left out when people around me are eating delicious gluten-y food. i'm afraid of being the annoying person that asks"excuse me, but is there wheat in this?" or says, "sorry, i can't eat that." i'm afraid of feeling limited by this. and at first, i know i'm going to.

i'm hopeful this change will help. and it's all starting monday! i already have my last meals of the weekend planned. obviously it involves the best spaghetti in the world.


  1. It's so not as miserable as you think, I swear! Want my GF tips and tricks email???

    P.S. Trader Joe's now sells GF chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. You're welcome.

  2. I went wheat free (actually Paleo) 6 months ago. It is awesome. I feel much better, and I have more energy. AND people were incredibly supportive! Just explain that you are tired of being tired, and that you wanted to try Paleo. People get distracted by the new word, and inquire, instead of judge. :) Good luck!