maybe it's because i never thought i could have one, but i am always surprised by how much i love my dog. 
i'm also surprised by the weird things i do because i love my dog so much. 

1. whenever i leave the house i say, "bye, love you!" to jack. out loud. sometimes, when i'm feeling spiffy i even tack an "xoxo" on the end. 

2. i share popsicles and suckers with jack. we take turns licking (and even though it should, it doesn't gross me out one bit).

3. jack goes to the bathroom with me. (he actually knows that i always go to the bathroom first thing when i get home from work and will sit and wait for me by the toilet while i take my jacket off). he also requires that we be touching while i do my business. whether that's resting his head on my knee or going as far as sitting on my lap. yes, go ahead, judge me. i have peed while my dog sits on my lap. 

4. i talk to jack. everyday i ask him how his day was while i was away at work. 

5. two years ago, jack bit me. and i cried. and not because it hurt. i was so upset/offended that he would bite me that i cried. how could he bite his mamma? 

let's be honest, i'm weird with or without jack. but, all the best people are.

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  1. LOL! I once told my boss that Charlie is my soulmate, yes AFTER I met Edwin. Pups are the best!