so it's been three whole gluteny free weeks for me. i'm surprised by how easy it has been and also surprised that i feel pretty much the same. i know i have to go a full six weeks to really see any changes but i was expecting fireworks and magic people. maybe there will be fireworks and magic on the six week mark? for some reason i highly doubt it.

i've been eating a lot of dairy. too much dairy. which isn't necessarily a good thing. but being able to ice cream makes it okay that i can't eat gluten. i'm throwing around the idea of doing two weeks dairy free at the end of my six week gluten free trial. yowza.

i only had one moment where i thought my life would end (ok not really) if i did not have gluten. i had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (anyone?) last week and all i wanted was a big fat slice of cheese pizza from arinells.  man, oh man have i learned that i turn to carbs for comfort. apparently my happiness depends on pizza and pasta. i'm seeing a whole new side to the term comfort food.

i have not tried gluten free pizza yet but that is on my to do list for this week. alyssa says dominos gluten free pizza isn't that bad. so maybe i'll go find out just how bad it is or isn't.


  1. I loooooooved that book growing up! I bought it for Rosie and read it to her on our tough days, it's so good!

    Hang in there friend! Gluten free is not so bad - Lanesplitters Pizza sells a gluten free pizza! AND I know someone who would make their dear friend gluten free anything ANYTIME. You just let me know!