my gluten free time trial has ended. and well, there were no fireworks. there is a long list of things that going gluten free can "cure." i didn't care about the glowing skin one but i was really hoping it would help my allergies. that was at the top of my list. but it didn't. i may have felt better. slightly. but it was so slight that i'm not even sure i actually felt better. i have noticed more headaches and back pain since i've been eating gluten. it's not the kind of pain that makes eating pizza, pasta and bread not worth it. is that sad? does that say something about me? that i would rather eat delicious food than feel slightly better? this whole thing has just made me more confused and angry at my this body of mine. 

when i had my first taste of gluten, i was expecting the worse. stomach pains galore. but no. nothing. and i was disappointed. like i had failed or had been doing something wrong. maybe i should have gone longer than 6 weeks? 6 months? 

in a perfect world i would go gluten free. but in a perfect world i wouldn't find joy in eating pizza, pasta, brownies and donuts. 


what i ate to celebrate the return of gluten 


  1. Do my posts go to review or do they just never go through?

    1. i do not review my comments. you must be having issues. there are a few blogs that i have issues posting comments on for some reason too. i think its an issue on bloggers end.

  2. Haha, alright, it appears they never go through. These were my points
    *i'm really impressed you made it six weeks.
    *i'm sorry you don't feel better
    *i'm also selfishly relieved because I really, really want to visit and our visits require lots of eating

  3. on the bright side, my little lady, you can eat ALL THE PIZZA YOU WANT. And pizza is worth EVERYTHING.

  4. This means we are going hog wild crazy in 2 weeks!