moving is the worst. the only thing i like about moving is how much crap you can get rid of. but then you're wondering why you have this crap that you're not using in the first place. and then you start to feel like a hoarder. and then you tell yourself you're not even close to the people on TLC. but it has to start somewhere, right?

our moving plans changed a little bit. not by choice. but when your movers don't show up, you just roll with it. our movers were supposed to show up at 8am. by 10am we realized they weren't coming. turns out, the owner of the moving company passed out drunk the night before and didn't wake up until 10:30am. he only admitted this after he lied about being in the ER and receiving a terrible yelp review.

so we ended up moving two days later. david was really busy at work so i had to put my big girl pants on and be in charge of the movers. does anybody else feel useless and slightly awkward while you watch the movers drenched in sweat moving your stuff? i went and hid in the bathroom for a while because i couldn't take it. maybe that's just me though.

i'm never moving again. (i say this every time we move. except last time). but really, never again. 

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