sorry for the silence. things have been really weird and busy around here lately. we moved. i know you're thinking, wait didn't they just do that? and the answer is yes. yes, we did. and it happened in a blink of an eye. okay more like a week. but still, it was fast. 

first, we knew we were going to leave our last place before we even moved in. it was a bad apartment and we shouldn't have signed the lease. we even tried to get out of it within an hour of signed it. oh well. we all do stupid things we wish we could take back. it just kind of sucks when it's your housing. 

we applied for this sweet apartment thinking we wouldn't get it because the rental market is ca-razy here. absolutely crazy. we almost didn't even go to the the open house because we thought it would be a chaotic hot mess but we went anyway. and it was not a hot mess. in fact, there was basically nobody there. so we applied for it, got on the scooter and drove away thinking, wouldn't it be sweet if we lived there?

and then bam! the next day we found out we got the apartment. i asked david if he was just messing with me. because he does that a lot and because we don't have luck that gets us sweet apartments. 

so yeah, we moved. 

the place is a disaster but i can't wait to share it. maybe when we get internet? i think that may help. 

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  1. I'm so excited to see!!! And I'm curious what was so bad about the other place. Excited for pics!!!