mullosk surf shop: between the amazing light and cool vibe, i love going in here. they have the prettiest surf boards. they make me want to put on a wet suit and jump right into the ice cold water. they're that pretty.

unionmade:  for the men in your life. this is a beautifully-curated store that focuses on american-made classic menswear. they also have an awesome book and magazine section that is impossible to walk past. they have a woman's store up (its a little hike) the hill from them called mill mercantile. which i love but my wallet does not.

heath ceramics: this stuff is gorgeous and not cheap. david and i imagine how pretty (and not practical) a kitchen full of dishes by them would be. or a bathroom full of their beautiful tile? they have a showroom in potrero hill and a shop in the ferry building.

merch: this place is adorable. it's a small woman's and children s boutique but they also have unique san francisco souvenirs. the good kind. they have a good selection of books on san francisco as well as some pretty reasonable art. they also have some artist designed apparel.

paxton gate: this place is totally weird so you probably won't actually buy anything. but the weirdness is worth checking out. they have everything from animal bones to a taxidermy unicorn. according to yelp, this is a popular hipster date spot. they also have a toy store down the street that's really cool and not weird.

taylor stitch: this is david's favorite sf spot for shirts. you can make a custom tailored shirt or pick from their pre-made selection. one of these days i will get a women's shirt before they sell out.

rare device: i love this little shop. it's totally random and totally wonderful. it's one of my favorites. i could spend a good hour in there. i think you could find a gift for anyone in there. it's making me happy just to think about it.

things to note: shopping bags cost 10 cents in san francisco so when you check out, you will be asked if you would like to buy a bag.

check to see if you're favorite retailers have a location in union square. we usually hit up uniqlo and madewell when people come to visit because they aren't located in many cities. also, the jcrew has a men's suit shop and bridal salon, so if you're getting hitched it might be worth checking out.

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