we spent a few days in park city last week as a family. so naturally we had to hit up the alpine slide. i was lucky enough to go twice. i was terribly bored one afternoon and people were busy working, getting their engagement pictures taken or doing church stuff. so before i went crazy i had to leave the hotel room. i took nick, jake and peter to the alpine slide. 

the following night everyone with two working arms (my dad has two broken arms) went back. it was so fun. i could go down that stupid slide all day and never get bored. i love it. i should move to park city and get a season pass to the alpine slide. just thinking about it makes me happy. 


  1. I think that's my favorite Utah activity...mccall lives in Park City and NEVER goes

    1. what?! McCall needs to get a season pass STAT. i think she can go enough times to make it worth the cost before the snow comes.