we're having a baby (how's that for an epic blog reveal?) and we finally told my family on christmas! when there's a tiny human growing inside you it is really hard to not tell your family. we had already told david's family and most of our friends so my family was the last to know. dave and i really wanted to tell my family in person (hence being the last to know) so we thought christmas would be perfect . we had an ornament made for everyone that read "uncle peter" or "grandma gayle" etc. and had them unwrap their gift at the same time. nobody got it at first and my mom asked, "why does it say grandma gayle?" she must have answered her own question because then it clicked and she screamed when she realized what it meant. 

it was my favorite part of christmas and something i had been looking forward to since october. everyone is really excited for the first larson grandchild!

baby kershaw is due 
6 . 24 . 14

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