spending the first days as a mom with my own parents was amazing. my mom flew out to san francisco the night ari was born and my dad followed the following night. there isn't anyone else i could imagine spending the first few days with. having them around made life feel a lot less overwhelming. my dad was the resident chef and cooked us every meal for the four days he was in town. my mom helped me with everything baby. even throughout the night. my dad had to go back to work and left us on monday night. luckily, my mom stayed for another week. i could have kept her around for a lot longer. but you know, she has other children. 

it was really hard to see them go. i cried. the last time i remember crying because my parents left me was when they dropped me off at the dorms freshman year. i am so grateful to have parents that are able to drop everything and fly to my side. i realize i am a very lucky girl. 

oh and seeing these two as grandparents is just about the cutest thing ever. i mean really, you should see my dads instagram feed.

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