we have lived in california for six years, most of which have been spent in san francisco. but for the past year, we lived down in san jose. we decided that it was an area we needed to explore as a potential place to buy a house (someday). we found a really good deal and moved super fast. between postpartum hormones and leaving my favorite city, i was a mess. but i knew it was something we needed to do. something we needed to try.

david has never worked in san francisco and has always commuted down to the south bay. so being 15 minutes away from work was really nice. we could have lunch dates! and the weather is pretty much perfect. i think i wore sandals the entire year we were in san jose. but about four months into living in san jose, we concluded that we wanted to move back to the city.

so back to san francisco we went. ari isn't even 13 months old and he has already lived in three apartments. yes, we are crazy.

it took leaving the city, to realize how much we love it and that we wanted to live her long term. city living is not easy. san jose was the easier option and we tried to convince ourselves that we could do it. people think it's crazy that we want to live in a city that david doesn't even work in. that choosing to commute an hour to work is ridiculous.

it's hard to explain our love of city living and love for san francisco to others. but we couldn't picture ourselves raising our kids anywhere else. we love the diversity and how authentic people are. we want our kids to be raised in a city as open minded and accepting as this one.

and one day, the suburbs may be the answer. and we know that. but we are going to stay in this crazy city for as long as it makes sense for our family.

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