at the end of the summer, my family moved to hong kong. and by my family, i mean the only members still living at home - my dad, mom and youngest brother, peter.

this spring, there was talk of my dad's job taking him to hong kong. i assumed it was all talk. but then everything started to take shape and it was actually happening. i was immediately disappointed and caught off guard by how upset i was. i was totally fine when i didn't think it would take shape. i didn't want them to move, but i would never tell them that. i could tell that my dad was really excited and i didn't want to sway his decision. 

i liked having my family in utah. it was a quick flight and only an hour time difference. i could call whenever i wanted to. if something happened, my mom could be here in a few hours. now we are separated by a 15 hour time difference and a 14 hour flight. 

i feel quite disconnected from my hong kong family. i knew what my mom was doing everyday in utah. and now i haven't talked to my family in a week and i have no idea how they are doing. i have no idea if my mom has overcome her fear of driving there or if peter has made any friends at his new school. it's a strange new feeling.

photos of hong kong by peter larson. 

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  1. Taylor is having a tough time of it, too. I love how much we all talk to each other and it's been strange to not get updated every day...