Bridal Shower

My two roommates made very pretty and very tasty fruit pizzas

Alexis had David answer some questions about himself and about our relationship. For every question I answered different from him, I had to put three gum balls in my mouth!

My Roomies

The group

Here is the questionnaire Alexis had David fill out.

1. When was the first time you saw Natalie? How did you meet Natalie?
The first time I saw Natalie was in the parking lot of Helaman Halls. I was in a car with my friends that lived there and she was walking over to her car that was parked in the handicap spot. She was walking with a boy...I was heart broken! The first time I actually met Natalie was at my friend's Chris's house. They were over there watching Lost and walked in and told them all about the grossest thing that happened at Cafe Rio!

2. What was your first date?
We took a scooter ride with my friend Bryce to a tree swing our in west Provo. Then we came back to Natalie's house, and her and I watched a movie all alone and I held her hand.

3. When and where was your first kiss, and who kissed who?
On Friday, October 5th, in my really ghetto basement apartment. She was talking and I just looked over and kissed her. She was definitely caught off guard and still says that our first kisses were really awkward! I actually enjoyed them...

4. What is your favorite movie?
Royal Tenenbaums, which happens to be the first movie we watched together.

5. What is Natalie's favorite artist, group or band?
It should be Death Cab for Cutie but it's Taylor Swift for sure!

6. What is your and Natalie's favorite activity to do together?
Watching movies

7. What is your favorite meal that Natalie cooks for you?
She makes really good chicken stir-fry

8. What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate Chip cookies...just kidding! I'm not a big dessert person, but I do like my mom's pumpkin pie...She's gonna say tiramisu but that's gross!

9. What is Natalie's favorite color?
It depends on the day, but I'd probably say green...or maybe its pink today.

10. What is Natalie's shoe size?
6 1/2 or 7. It depends

11. When did you first hold Natalie's hand? First Cuddle?
I first held her hand during Royal Tenenbaums, on our first "date". The first time we cuddled was the next day at my apartment

12. What was the first trip you guys went on together?
After we had been dating for about three weeks, we drove out to Colorado in the middle of the night, on a whim.

13. What is your favorite physical feature on Natalie?
Her eyes

14. What is Natalie's favorite physical feature on you?
My lips!

15. What is something about you that bugs Natalie?
Probably my receding hairline

16. How many kids does Natalie want to have? How many do you want to have?
4-6 and I want to have three, period.

17. Where do you want to settle? Where does Natalie want to settle?
California and California! Natalie would want to live in San Diego if she had her pick.

18. What is it you are most excited about to be married to Natalie?
I'm most excited to have our own place together and to work out life together. I'm excited to be independent and be able to determine our destiny together.

19. What is it NAtalie is most excited about?
Mmm, the sex. Haha

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