Well, I received a phone call from my future employer today concerning start dates. It looks like new analysts will be starting in August, September, and October. I was originally told that start dates would begin in June, so I'm quite disappointed. Natalie and I were very excited to get out of stinky Provo (literally) and start our new life in sunny California. Unfortunately that will now have to wait two more months. And now we also need to find something to do for two months! Ugh. On the plus side, must say I'm happy to even have a job and be finalizing everything. Many of my classmates don't have job offers, so I feel very lucky to have a job period, no matter when my start date is.

For anyone who reads this and is wondering what I'm talking about, let me explain. Last fall, I interviewed with and received a job offer from an economic consulting firm called Cornerstone Research. They are based in Menlo Park, CA, about 30 minutes south of San Francisco and right by Stanford. I will be working in this office, and so we'll be moving out to the Bay Area this Summer. Thus, Kershaws in Cali, get it?


  1. Sorry to hear that! But glad that you still have a job.

  2. You guys are more than welcome to live with us!! We have some painting that needs to get done and a fence to put up!! Just Kidding on your part-I don't think you would like to live with us right after you get married!!