"The SAM"

The southwest terminal at the San Francisco Airport is really lacking...in everything. Well just the things that are important at an airport like the food options and magazine selections. After walking up and down the terminal about five times we finally settled on a place that scared us the least. 

We quickly glanced over the menu and ordered our drinks. I asked for a water with lemon and then david said he'd have the same. 

Five minutes later one water with lemon and one beer get placed on our table. We were soooo confused.

When the waiter came back we proceeded to tell the waiter that we did not order a beer and he tells us that in fact we did. He said that David had ordered "the sam." Ohhhh it all made sense. 

The "same" had been confused with the "sam"

The food was horrible like we predicted but it was well worth it for the hilarious moment and good laughs.

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