Well I've kind of been avoiding this post because I don't want to relive the horrible experience. Okay... it wasn't that bad. David said my post should be entitled "Moving to San Francisco: swear word, swear word, swear word!" Moving with a ten year old and puppy is not fun. 

We had some drama with our move. We showed up all ready to move in, but they weren't ready for us. For some reason they said unit 343 was all ready to go at their maintenance meeting. It was the opposite of "ready to go." We walked in and there was crap all over the floor. And by crap I mean garbage and animal urine covering the floor. It was gross. 
SO we had to move ALL our stuff into a one bedroom unit down the hall from us and then move ALL our stuff into our unit two days later.
It wasn't fun.  

We really like our unit. We hadn't actually seen it until the day we walked into the mess. 
Oh, did I mention we got brand new carpet because of the pee? Its great. I can lay on the floor and not freak out. We upgraded our square footage but downgraded to a studio. Even though its a studio, its bigger than our last place. 

At least it will be three years until we have to move again... 

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