our new alarm clock...

Is Jack.
He's decided that waking up at 6:30 is now a good idea. 
He will sit and stare at you while doing his "please pay attention to me" growls until you get out of bed and take him outside.
Taking him outside is no longer just a drousy walk over to the screen door.
No, going outside means getting dressed and walking down three flights of stairs (to avoid peeing in the elevator), walking across the street to the grass (being awake enough not to get hit by a car), walking around in the wet cold grass, running back across the street and taking the elevator ride upstairs.
It's not a process one enjoys in the early morning.
This isn't the worst thing during the week since our alarm goes off at 7:00 anyways.
But on Saturday morning, 6:30 is way to early.

I am the lucky one however, because Jacks person if choice is David.
He never tries to wake me up, so during the week I enjoy an extra few minutes of snoozing before I start the day.
On Saturdays if I want any chance of sleeping in, I'm the one that has to get up.
Wake up david and there goes my sleep. David can't fall back asleep in 30 seconds like I can and would be annoyingly awake at 6:30 on a Saturday if he got up.
(He doesn't understand my need/love for sleep)

So Jack, if you could learn to sleep in like me, that would be great. Thanks. 

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