jack is scared of dishes

yes, you read right. jack is scared of plates and bowls. 
its weird, we know. 
if we're done eating something yummy and offer jack the plate or bowl, he backs away or hides under the couch. 
so on sunday night we tried to rid him of this odd fear. 
we did this by placing treats on the plate. 
at first, he would steal the treat and back away. 
after about 3 or 4 treats, he finally noticed that there was tasty lasagna on the plate. 
he started apprehensively licking. 
we left him to enjoy the lasagna, but learned he was not comfortable being alone with the plate.
too scary. 
so, if you want jack to lick a plate, you have to sit on the floor, right by the plate. 
oh, he's also scared of feathers. (yes, those light fluffy things) 
what's your dog afraid of?

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