the home stretch

we're back from connecticut. it was the shortest/fastest/most tiring trip ever. 
it felt like the second we got there, we had to turn around and come back. 
but now that we're back, it means we're almost in hawaii. 
on friday, we will be basking in the hawiian sun and all its burning rays. 
i'm sad we have to leave the pups again. i missed him when we were gone. 
marley & me was playing on the tv plane and of course i watched it. and of course i balled. 
this was the second time i've seen it. i cried harder this time than last time. 
i didn't have a dog the first time and now i have jack, whom i'm obsessed with.

i finally got to spend time with david. it was amazing. we hadn't seen each other in day light for quite a while. and it was the first time i wasn't in bed, half asleep. i loved it. he was all mine. no work, no nothing. now i have to give him back to work until friday. so i'm looking forward to a beach and seeing my husband. it should be perfect.  

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